Friends, family, and associates to the rescue!

“In August of 2017 a familiar, but undeniably unwanted “stumbling block” came into my life once again. In July of that year I went to have my yearly mammogram and could tell by the length of time and the additional images needed that something was not right. Indeed, my suspicions were on target. The following day I was scheduled for a biopsy and in August was told that the biopsy was positive for breast cancer!

Now mind you, I had been through this before in 2006 in my other breast which required a mastectomy and weeks of chemo therapy. That first diagnosis was devastating to me and my family. However, the one concern I didn’t worry about was my financial support as I had a job that covered the necessary time off to take that journey and covered the cost of my insurance premiums to be able to have that security as I healed.

In 2017, this was not so. My job then and now gave no financial security, but held my position until I was able to return to work….some 8 1/2 months later.

My first inclination in every situation that has ever arose in my life is to turn to my faith in the God I serve, to ask for His grace and His mercy in all things and for His guidance to get me through. I gave the “load” to Him to carry and only concerned myself with getting up every day and walking the path before me.

Financially, I had no idea what I was going to do, but I trusted that “the Lord would provide” and that He did. My friends, family, associates all came to my rescue! At the top of that list was the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation. They provided much needed financial assistance not only as an organization, but through individuals who are a part of the CBBC Board of Directors. Moreover, they made sure that I had meals already prepared that only required heating to serve, which my husband was able to do for me. They made sure that I knew they were there if I needed my house cleaned, laundry done, rides to treatments and doctor appointments or just someone to talk to and share what I was going through. They were always available to me for whatever it was that I needed and I felt I could call them at any time and have my needs fulfilled. Their love, support, and encouragement allowed me to just “rest” in knowing that there was always someone I could call on if ever I needed help of any kind.

As a member of the CBBC Board and a woman who has experienced the kind of assistance they can provide for someone going through “a breast cancer journey” I am grateful that this time around they were there as a resource for me and my family!”

–Testimonial by Elizabeth Wallace