Board and Staff

The Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of members of the community who have a special interest in caring for and supporting breast cancer patients and survivors. Many of them are living with breast cancer themselves or support a significant person in their lives.

Our 2022/23 Board

James Atkins, Founder
Carmen Arwine
Jill Blunt, Treasurer
Kevin Brundle
Tamara Dunlap, Co-Chair
London Hershey, Secretary
Wendy Heuer
Mary Jo Jackson
Ashley Kennedy, Co-Chair
Grace Pumphrey
Olivia Rogers
Laurie Salama
Sarah Schroeder
Verna Stern
Lauren Vogan
Don Woodruff
Michelle Woodruff

Honorary Board Member
Sandy Atkins

Immediate Past Chair
Melanie Blunt