Board and Staff

The Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of members of the community who have a special interest in caring for and supporting breast cancer patients and survivors. Many of them are living with breast cancer themselves or support a significant person in their lives.

Our 2018/2019 Board:

  • James Atkins
    Founding Member
  • Barbara Augenblick
    Champions Reception Chair
  • Jill Blunt
  • Melanie Blunt
    Nominating Committee Chair
  • Jessica Didday
  • Holland Driskill
    Foxcroft School Student
  • Antoinette Hall
  • Marcy Harris
    Board Chair
  • Cathy McGehee
    Head of Foxcroft School
  • Melissa Neal
  • Kim O’Donnell
  • Linda Salley
    Grants Committee Chair
  • Lauren Vogan
    Walk Committee Chair
  • Liz Wallace
  • Tonya Washington
  • Louise Whitner
    Foxcroft School Student
  • Don Woodruff
  • Michelle Woodruff
    Foxcroft School Faculty Member
  • Louise Whitner
    Foxcroft School Student
  • Cindy Zeni
    Board Vice-Chair

Honorary Board Members:

  • Sandra Atkins
    Founding Member
  • Mary Jo Jackson
    Founding Member

Website Volunteer:

  • Barbara Reed