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Two October Walks Net $38,000 For Cherry Blossom's Local Grants

The Middleburg and Ashburn Cherry Blossom Walks, Fun Runs and Pooch Prances for Breast Cancer drew hundreds of participants, many with their pooches, as the Foundation celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month on October 11th.

Supported by Grand Sponsor, Middleburg Bank, Parva Plastic Surgery, sixteen other sponsors, and the many participants, the Foundation raised awareness across Northern Virginia of its mission to Detect, Treat, Educate and Eliminate breast cancer for local women.

Gross proceeds from the two events were $46,500, down from $53,000 last year. However, event expenses for tents, tables, advertising, etc., were $8,700, significantly lower than last year's $12,800.

Combined with its earlier 2015 fundraising, the Foundation now has about $65,000 for its Grants Committee to award in early 2016 to Loudoun and Fauquier county organizations that help local women fight breast cancer. Additional docations by year's end are expected to increast that amount.

Remember that funds raised only support local women and are not sent to national organizations or out of the area. Sponsors are needed, so please email us for a proposal.

Almost $10,000 Raised in Last Two Months

Local women won big the last two months with donations to the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation(CBBCF) from the Town of Middleburg, a Brambleton Christmas tree seller, and Foxcroft School.

Middleburg’s Town Council started the funding infusion at its December meeting when it approved its Health Center’s recommendation to give $2,000 to CBBCF. The Center’s chair, Town Vice Mayor, Darlene Kirk, said, “This is the fourth year that we have proudly supported Cherry Blossom’s good works for Loudoun and Fauquier women.”

Then on Jan. 7, Cherry Blossom Vice Chair, Stephanie Knapp was presented a $5,100 check by Suzanne Eaton of Pensacola, FL, generated by the sale of Christmas trees at Brambleton Town Center. “We selected Cherry Blossom as our beneficiary because my sister, Holly, was helped in her fight against breast cancer by a Foundation grant to Inova.” Suzanne said. This was the third year that Suzanne and her husband, Mark, have donated a portion of each tree sale to CBBCF, with the total now more than $12,000.

Finally, the girls of Foxcroft conducted their seventh annual Think Pink Basketball Tournament on Jan. 9 and raised more than $2,000 for CBBCF’s grants for local women. Eleven teams from around Virginia competed at middle school, junior varsity, and varsity levels with hundreds of team members and supporters cheering the action. Athletic Director, Michelle Woodruff said that team participation and turnout was the best yet. Foxcroft has raised more than $50,000 for Cherry Blossom and is the site of the annual Cherry Blossom Nanette’s Walk, Run, and Pooch Prance for Breast Cancer.

The donations come as the Foundation is generating its 2016 grants for local women, to be announced in February. With these latest grants, Cherry Blossom will have granted approx. $700,000 while operating with less than a 10% overhead and no full-time staff.

Grants Awarded

Eight local breast cancer non-profits were helped last month by funds from Loudoun’s Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation.

Disbursing local grants for its tenth year, Cherry Blossom gave:

$25,000 to Leesburg’s Healthworks Community Health Center to provide breast cancer services;
$10,000 to Blue Ridge Hospice;
$7,000 to Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers;
$2,000 to Casting for Recovery;
$4,000 to Loudoun Breast Health Network;
$10,000 to Novant Health System; and
$6,000 plus a $19,000 reallocation of a previous grant to Inova Health Foundation.

Middleburg-based and all volunteer, Cherry Blossom fouindation distributes funds only to local organizations. Since its founding in 2007, the foundation, named in memory of breast cancer victim, Cheryl Clayton Atkins, known by her family as “Cherry Blossom”, has granted approx. $750,000 from donations and its two simultaneous October Cherry Blossom Walks, Runs, and Pooch Prances for Breast Cancer. Every year, the foundation also recognizes Cherry Blossom Champions; individuals or organizations who have significantly furthered the local fight against breast cancer.

For more info contact James P. Atkins, 703.447.2302 or

Four Named Cherry Blossom Champions

At its fifth annual Cherry Blossom Champion Awards May 19, a Fauquier County school, a Loudoun County school, and two individuals were honored for their inspirational efforts in 2015 in support of local women.

Middleburg’s Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation, entering its eleventh year and granting almost $750,000 to help local women fight breast cancer, conducts the Champion Award program to recognize individuals who, and organizations that, have significantly contributed the previous year to the Foundation’s objectives of Detection, Treatment, Education, and Elimination of breast cancer.

For 2015, Steven M. Lewis of Warrenton, Dr. Sage Bolte of Inova Health System’s Life With Cancer program, Middleburg’s Foxcroft School, and Catlett’s H.M. Pearson Elementary School were selected.

Read more: Four Named Cherry Blossom Champions

$38,000 raised by Middleburg Event!

Middleburg's Cherry Blossom’s Oct. 16 Walk, 5K Run and Pooch Prance for Breast Cancer was a resounding success with the largest turn-out in its ten years at 250-300 and more than twenty pink-dressed pooches.

About $38,000 was raised for the local fight against this cancer.

Hosted by Foxcroft School and attended by all of the girls and many faculty, staff, parents, and local residents, the school opened its arms to support Cherry Blossom and the many women we will help these coming twelve months.

Employees of Grand Sponsor Middleburg Bank volunteered with registration to expedite that process. Cherry Blossom Board chair, Marcy Harris, was assisted by many board members to make this tenth annual event a very rewarding and enjoyable day during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

2016 Cherry Blossom Middleburg Event Photos

Brambleton Christmas Tree Seller Gives $6000 to CBBCF

Brambleton Christmas Tree Seller Gives $6000 for the Local Breast Cancer Fight

Suzanne and Mark Eaton, in their fourth year selling trees at the Brambleton Town Center and donating the profits to Loudoun’s Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation, presented the foundation with a check for $6000 on February 24.

“We selected Cherry Blossom three years ago as our beneficiary because my sister, Holly, was helped in her fight against breast cancer by one of their grants to Inova Loudoun Hospital.” Suzanne said. “This small Middleburg-based foundation was crucial to Holly’s treatment and has helped hundreds of other local women,” she added.

The total donated by the Eatons since the beginning of tree sales four years ago is more than $18,000.