How breast cancer cells break free to spread in the body

A recent ScienceDaily article about how breast cancer cells spread into the body is based on research at the Georgia Institute of Technology, ScienceDaily 12,17,14. It states the study shows more than 90 percent of cancer-related deaths are caused by the spread of cancer cells from their primary tumor site to other areas of the body. This new study has identified how one important gene helps cancer cells break free from the primary tumor. Read the full article at:

MCF-7 Human breast cancer cells - credit: MgGrail, et al., FASEB 2014















Pictured above are MCF-7 human breast cancer cells, stably transformed with SNAIL (right) or an empty vector control (left). Cells expressing SNAIL show an increased mesenchymal phenotype and malignant characteristics. The control cells display a cobblestone morphology, whereas cells overexpressing SNAIL are more elongated.